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Warrior Ritual GT Goalie Schienen

Ultra Lightweight – The R/GT leg pads are the second lightest pro leg pads on the market, only slightly surpassed by the Ritual G3; significantly lighter than other pads in their class.
•Mobility – Reduced leg pad interference during in-tight plays and quick transitions.
•Torsional Feel – Newly designed core facilitates the pad torsion necessary to achieve optimal mobility when using a conventional toe/boot set-up.
•Advanced Butterfly Stability & Seal – Seal the ice from the toe of the pad to the top of the thigh rise with dependable stability while still benefitting from the increased mobility of a tapered boot.
•Blade/Ice Interface – Standard toe lace combined with a tapered boot provides traditional feel while allowing the necessary blade attack angle. R/GT pads will come with optional Active Response Toe Straps for the most advanced blade/ice interface system on the market.
•Super Fast Slide – Best in class bindingless boot design reduces friction, providing exceptionally fast slides.
•Effortless Rotation – Innovative Slingwrap strapping system in combination with our 360 degree leg channel offer effortless pad rotation while maintaining responsive control

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Warrior Ritual GT Goalie Schienen

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